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Monday April 23rd, 2018
Ski centar Ravna planina

The driving of the four-wheelers is an ideal adrenaline activity, especially for groups that due to their obligations do not have much time available for the tour of the mountain. It can be organized for half an hour to an hour, according to your needs and possibilities. The vehicles are mostly two-seater, and our recommendation is to drive with the guides, for safety reasons.

The tracks are numerous, but depending on the needs and desires, as well as the free time, and in agreement with the guide, it is easy to choose the best possible route.

All these factors determine the choice of the route, i.e. the milder slope or the more dynamic and extreme driving. Halfway through, a break takes place so that the drivers can replace seats, enjoy panoramas, or take photos. What you have during this activity is guaranteed beautiful landscapes of our mountain, healthy, clean, mountain air as well as enjoyment in nature.

The possibility of renting four-wheelers on Jahorina is offered by Vip Jahorina www.jahorina.org , hotel Termag www.termaghotel.com  and hotel Lavina www.lavina.ba , as well as sports and recreation center Brus on Trebevic www.restoran-brus.com  and Ski center Ravna mountain www.ski-rp.com.

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