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Public Institution Tourist Organization City of East Sarajevo

PI The Tourist Organization of the City of East Sarajevo was founded by the City Assembly decision in 1999, in order to perform tasks that ensure the realization of rights and satisfaction of the needs of citizens in the field of tourism and for the development, preservation and protection of tourist values ​​in the territory of the City of East Sarajevo.

The Tourist organization operates under the name: Public institution ” Tourist organization of the City of East Sarajevo “. The seat of the Tourist Organization of the City of East Sarajevo is in East Sarajevo, St. Stjepan Lučić bb, Pale.

The Tourist organization was established to perform the following tasks:

  • promotion of tourist products and tourist offer of the City of East Sarajevo with a special accent on Jahorina as the most important tourist destination,
  • encouraging and upgrading the development of an existing and new tourist product,
  • promotion and development awareness of the importance of tourism, economic, social, cultural and multiplied effects of tourism on the overall economic system,
  • improvement of the general conditions of tourist stay and provision of information to tourists
  • publishing activity: catalog of hotel accommodation, catalog of private accommodation, guides, flyers, tourist cards, postcards
  • organization or participation in the organization of events that are in the function of promotion and improvement of the tourist offer
  • media presentation
  • activities on the development of strategic directions in improving the tourist offer
  • awareness of environmental as well as activities for environmental protection.

Bodies of Tourist Organizations are the Managing Board and the Director.

The members of the Board and the Director of the Tourism Organization are appointed and dismissed by the City Assembly, upon the proposal of the Commission for selection, after the conducted public competition procedure.

The term of office of the members of the Board  and the Director is four years, and after the expiry of the mandate they may be reappointed.

The director of the Tourist organization of the City of East Sarajevo is Mr. Igor Ikonic.

Phone 00387 57 201 280
Phone 00387 57 201 281
Fax 00387 57 223 947
Stjеpana Lučića bb,
71420 Pale,
Republic of Srpska – Bosnia and Herzegovina

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