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Wednesday November 1st, 2017

A dozen kilometers from the city bustle, at the foot of the thick coniferous forests we discover a real oasis of peace, but also good fun. We are going from Sarajevo to “SANNY LAND”. The amusement park is located on Zlatište, one of Trebević’s slopes, with a beautiful view of the Sarajevo basin. Visit the website: www.sunnyland.ba

In just 15 minutes from the city bustle you will enter the adrenaline “ALPINE COASTER” and you will quickly forget about the reality and everyday problems. ” Climb up ” by the asphalt road and after a few miles you arrive at Brus – the picture is incredible. Visit the web site: www.restoran-brus.com

Beside the respectable catering facility and several ” bungalows ” featuring luxury accommodation units, ” polygons “, a children’s city – a playroom, arranged places for barbecue lovers, terrains for small and adventurous sports ( mountain bikes, squares, paint balls …) , walking paths, which in winter snow days ” transform ” into skiing and parking for several hundred cars.

Just a few hundred meters further, it is a “Trebević paradise” – but it is a true paradise for lovers of good traditional cuisine and indispensable barbecue. All of this is in a beautiful building and summer garden in the shade of the forest. And then, only a hundred yards away is “VILLA ANDREA”.

In addition to an exclusive facility with 20 luxurious beds and a restaurant where you will be served with various specialties (we will recommend specialties from goat milk from your own farm), a large summer garden, and a garden for children’s fantasies in a marshy forest, and there are also places for lovers of walking in nature. With all that, the place has enough space for your pets.

For the orientation, you can extend the same route towards Jahorina and Pale, or return to Sarajevo.


Center for rest and recreation Brus

Center for relaxation and recreation Brus is located in a natural setting, surrounded by pine trees. Not far from the Center there is the exit station Trebević gondola. The natural and cultural richness of the terrain caused Brus restaurant to have a mountain restaurant where it can rest, socialize and, above all, a nice and pleasant feeling. Trebević is a well-known resort, which can be reached by foot and by bicycle.

Gastro offer in the Brus restaurant is varied and quality and you can choose between local and international cuisine. All products from which food is prepared are mostly domestic production. Meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit used in making food is mainly from the territory of the Sarajevo – Romanija region. Spicy foods, grill, cooked meals, and on-the-job meals are in everyday offer, both for guests who come individually, as well as for groups, family visits, etc. All types of beverages are mainly domestic production, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

A large number of seats in the four gardens of the Brus restaurant are arranged in one natural setting. One garden is on the veranda of the Brus restaurant while the other garden is around the building itself. The third garden is next to the underpass below the facility, and the fourth largest is located across the restaurant. In addition to the largest summer garden, there is also a space reserved for staying and playing for the youngest. Tables and chairs in summer gardens are made of solid wood, all of which are located under the trees of long-standing pines.

Barbecue places can be rented to guests who want to cook their own food. There are 10 locations in the offer: wooden cabin with grilled barbecue, barbecue grill and wooden coal needed for fire. It’s yours to take the food you want to cook yourself and the rest of the care is center.

Accommodation bungalows are physically separated from the restaurant complex. They are intended for renting guests who need a holiday or longer stay, individual and organized visits, where full privacy is provided. The bungalows are built of natural materials in the mountain style. At the moment there are three facilities, one double and two four-bedded.

In addition to walking and visiting Trebević on foot, there is a possibility to rent technical equipment to make this tour and recreation more interesting and unusual. There is a possibility of renting a bicycle and quads for you to make a trip through nature in a different way. For people who want to increase the level of adrenaline in your body, paintball is available. There are also basketball courts, volleyball and small football courts. A children’s park with all the facilities suitable for playing the age of 3 to 13 years is located next to the biggest summer garden of the restaurant ” Brus “. In the park there is a rubber castle, a multitude of bowls, swings, slides of obstacles and other devices necessary for children’s entertainment. You can let your child into the fenced part of the children’s park to play on content that is specifically purchased and made for children.

Trebević Express is also a great attraction! A tour drive which you can visit all the Trebević’s attractions through a one-hour ride.

The center is able to provide you with transport and tour of the tourist values ​​that are in the surroundings and with these interesting contents complete your free time.



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