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Sport i rekreacija

A long story, full of snow filled with forests, children’s joys, warm house, this is the story of Jahorina, Trebević, Romanija.

The long tradition of skiing and organized competitions begins in 1923, when the first skiers were brought to Jahorina, and the beginning of the organized skiing relates to 1933.

The crown of all that relates to skiing and winter sports in general are the XIV Winter Olympics Games, held in 1984. In Sarajvo.

The Olympic tradition and the Olympic smile are guarded by the ” Olympic Center of Jahorina “, and every year in Jahorina there are international ski “FIS” races in Alpine disciplines. More than 40 km of arranged alpine ski trails are now available to skiers at the Olympic beauty Jahorina (1529 – 1916 m above sea level).

Skiing professionals, amateurs, and even the youngest, there are three six-seaters, one two-seater and four ski lifts that transport 11 500 skiers per hour.

For lovers of Nordic skiing the real pearl is the path of the ” Dvorišta”, on Jahorina (1300 – 1450 m above sea level) with 17 km of arranged paths available for competitors, but also for recreationists.

A modern biathlon shooter provides conditions for top – level competitions at European level, and on this track the World Military Championship in Biathlon was held in February 2011.

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