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Preparation of sports teams

Tuesday April 24th, 2018

Open fields for football, basketball, volleyball, handball, hiking and hiking routes, clean mountain air full of ozone, drinking mountain waters, are ideal for preparation of sports teams, both in individual and team sports.

The Peki sports hall is located in Pale, where the Serbian Volleyball Team of Serbia was preparing for the European Volleyball Championship, where it took the 3rd place, which indicates that this space is ideal for the preparation of sports teams, and also in Pale the final tournament The Balkans for volleyball juniors, where there were excellent conditions for playing matches.

Every year, in July, sports camps are held every year in Jahorina, where a basketball camp named “THREE POINTS” is selected, for future shows of this sport, as well as a football camp “Red stars”.
A popular football tournament called “Piksi Kup”, which gathers over 500 young players every year, is also popular.

Jahorina is ideal for preparing sports teams and individuals due to the altitude.

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