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Jahorina, Romanija, Trebević and Ozren are part of the untouched nature in the country of the legend with incredible pictures of mountains and valleys, forests, clear and fast mountain watercourses.
Be in the surroundings of dense forests, feel the whole healthier and pleasant mountain climate, be amazed by the scenes that come from the stone peaks, the voice of silence and the bubbles of mountain rivers, and not for an hour away from the city bustle and busy life, it means being in East Sarajevo.

Forests and spawns, lush vegetation, habitats of birds and wild animals, and clear streams and rivers run the trout and river crabs. Is not it a challenge for lovers of hunting and fishing?

For a good picnic in nature, with plenty of specialties of local cuisine and forest fruits, the right place is Kadina’s spring, in the upper course of the Prača River, and a little lower, downstream is Sport Recreational Center “Nikolići”.

The rocks and steep cliffs of Jahorina and Romanija make a paradise for mountaineers, alpinists, Para gliders and all the other eager adventures. Caves of Orlovača, Ledenjača, Novak’s Cave, pearls are in the earth’s womb, a challenge for speleologists, researchers, visitors.

The result of our aspirations is this publication that aims to stimulate your curiosity, to discover you spaces for rest and recreation, creative inspiration and unforgettable adventures.

Simply, recommend East Sarajevo as a destination where you will feel good. With the belief in success of our intention we wish You pleasant stay in East Sarajevo, expressions of respect!

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