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Plato and the northern side of Jahorina are ideal for lovers of this extreme sport. Particularly attractive are desant flights with a height difference of 900 m (peak Jahorina 1916 m to Vrhprača at 1010 m above sea level). Courses for beginners take 5-7 days. Advanced courses last for 1-2 months.

Contact: +387 65 713 834 Radoje Vojvodić.

Paragliding from the slopes of Jahorina and Trebevic

Paragliding tandem, Jahorina.
Location of the voyage: North slope of Jahorina.
Flight height: 1750m.
Duration: 12 to 15 min.
Coordinates of the airport: 43.7191, 18.5814.
Altitude difference: 890m.
Flight direction: northeast.

Description: Paragliding activities are carried out in moderate meteoconditions, with the northern directions of wind, on grassy summers and landing sites.

A passenger in a tandem paraglide receives basic instructions before the flight and does not need any prior knowledge. Flights take place at an average height of 300m above the ground.
Equipment: Travelers in tandem should have appropriate clothing suitable for temperature, sunglasses and deeper footwear.

Info contact: Aeroclub “Soko”, Vidojević Miroslav, paragliding tandem pilot mikipale@yahoo.com,

Contact phone: +387 65 713 – 834

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