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Tuesday April 24th, 2018

Is a game that men, women and children can play. Like any game that attracts a lot of fans, paintball also organizes competitions and grows into sports that form retired competitors.

Although basically a “war game”, Paintball is a sport in which muscles and brains engage, requiring physical readiness, skill, speed, endurance, ability to make decisions and readiness for team play.

Participants agree on the gameplay scenario before the game, but the basis of the game remains the same – the player affected is out.

Keep in mind that paintball sport is like every other, and that injuries are possible. Strict adherence to rules and the use of protective equipment reduce the possibility of injury to a minimum.
Prior to each game, safety instructions are given which all participants have to strictly adhere to. During the game there is a qualified judge who is concerned about the safety of the competitors.

All interested participants and fans of Paintball can get more information on the phone numbers: 065 / 169-601 and 065 / 796-279 in Jahorina, as well as on Trebević, where there is also the possibility of renting equipment and appointments, in sports and recreation center Brus on the link www.restoran-brus.com.

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