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Hunting and fishing

Lov i nezaboravna druženja

Through the history, hunting has undergone many transformations. First, for the first man, this was a way of survival. Then, in the middle Ages, it became a sport and a reign of the nobility, during which important state decisions were often made. Today, hunting is a branch of tourism that brings significant incomes, and a large part of these funds is directed to the protection and conservation of endangered species and the regulation of hunting grounds.

Following the world trends in hunting, the Hunting Association of Republika Srpska through its members – hunting associations strives to preserve wildlife and their habitats with planned activities. In addition to the regular conservation of wildlife, the implementation of measures for protection against diseases, the construction of hunting – technical and hunting – breeding facilities, and other activities, special emphasis is given on the planned shootout through hunting tourism.

Ten hunting regions operate on the territory of the Republic of Srpska. According to the natural beauty and richness of hunting game, the Sarajevo – Romanija region stands out. There are six hunting associations in this area: “Igman” from East Ilidža, Trnovo from Trnovo, Trebević from Istočno Novo Sarajevo, Jahorina from Pale, Romanija from Sokolac and Studena Gora from Han Pijesak.

The hunting areas were run by associations of the Sarajevo – Romania region include mountain areas with huge complexes of coniferous and deciduous forests, which represent a home for numerous hunting game types. First of all, the hunting grounds are rich in wild game, which is also the most interesting in terms of hunting tourism. This is primarily thought of as a brown bear (lat. Ursus arctos), goat (lat. Rupicapra rupicapra), wild boar (lat Suc scrofa), deer (lat. Capreolus capreolus), wolf (lat. Canis lupus). From the small game in this area can be found a rabbit (lat. Lepus), fox (lat. Vulpes vulpes), kuna (lat. Martes) and wild cat (lat. Felis silvestris), and from birds of wild duck (lat Anas platyrhynchos).

Depending on the species of game, different hunting methods are applied. The hunting hunt is performed with high closed seals that are equipped with warming devices, beds and necessary devices that provide high comfort and accomodation during observation and shooting game. Waiting is mostly the bear and wolf, which are extremely interesting for hunting foreign hunters. The number of these two species of game is at the planned level for the region’s hunting capacity, which is one of the last habitats of this kind of game in Europe. Also, by waiting and sne ( kneading ), the game of wild game and wild boar is fished. On the other hand, hunting dogs with guides and shoveling is one of the most interesting hunting methods. In this way, foremost, wild boars are always attractive, but also predators.

In addition to this, the Sarajevo-Romanija region is famous for its traditional wakeboard manifestations organized in the period from January to March. These are hunting gatherings that first serve to gather hunters from different parts of the Republic of Srpska and beyond. The goal is to meet people through hunting, sharing experiences and creating friendships. These manifestations are exceptionally visited, which due to good organization and rich hunting grounds, but also due to favorable position.

Beautiful nature, hospitable people and rich history are just some of the features that distinguish this area. Numerous foreign and domestic hunters were satisfied with the service they provided and they took very valuable trophies to their homes.

Contact: +387 65 091 773 Slavko Bojanic

Hunting Lodge “Majdani”
Hunting Lodge “Srndać” Prača
Hunting Lodge “Crepoljsko”

Hunting association “Jahorina” Pale +387 65 091 773
Hunting association “Igman” Istočna Ilidza +387 65 046 060
Hunting association “Glasinac” Sokolac +387 65 754 521
Hunting association “Trnovo” Trnovo +387 66 240 182
Hunting association “Trebević” Istočno Novo Sarajevo +387 65 888 567

Ribolov - samo za poklonike sportskog ribolova

The trouts, limestone, klijen, krkuša and gaovica are part of the living world of pure mountain streams in Sarajevo – Romanija region. The rivers Prača, Paljanska and Mokranjska Miljacka, Željeznica, Bioštica and streams Bistrica and Kasindolska River, which are a paradise for sports fishermen, and in Nikolići, along the new river, there is a fishing house of Association of sport fishermen “Bistrica” Pale.

The authorized fishing methods for salmon species (trout, limp and gully) are allowed only for artificial flies and cheats.

Every other type of bait is strictly forbidden. On other fisheries, fishing is allowed with the use of natural and artificial baits, with a strict ban on the use of live baits.

Fishing stop and permitted measures

Trout: the smallest measure is 25 cm,
Prohibition from 01. 10. to 01. 03.
Lipljan: the smallest measure is 30 cm
Prohibition from 01. 01. to 15. 05.
Mladica: the smallest measure is 70 cm
Prohibition from 01. 01. to 30. 05.

Other fish species do not have a legal provision for hunting, with the note that the klijen has a limit for a minimum allowed measure of 30 cm. For fishing, You need licenses that are required yearly or daily.

Contact: +387 65 690 509 Dean Klačar

Phone: +387 65 690 509

Phone: +387 57 448 339

USR “ŽELJEZNICA” Istočna Ilidža
Phone: + 387 65 521 686

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