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Okamenjeni vodopadi - raj za speleologe

The roadmap leads to the excitement through the forest spaces with well-marked paths towards the mountain peaks and magnificent stoned forms, as well as into the underground mountainous areas that have been settled and shaped by nature for thousands of years. Selection is offered to everyone, privileged no.

The Orlovača Cave is one of the most beautiful pearls that has been practiced for millions of years and made the hand of God. Her jewelry is unique and unmistakable. These are indescribable, hidden beauties, in which stalagmites and stalactites alternate with fragments of coral and aragonite jewelry and unique cave columns that resemble antique and Renaissance castles and monuments of different colors.

It is decorated with a series of draperies of the slimmest look and a variety of shapes and shapes. A complete landscape is enriched by beautiful salves such as frozen waterfalls, colorfully giving the cave a perfect ambience.

Orlovača is an extraordinary speleological object in which a cave bear lived (ursus speleus, lat.) more than 16,000 years ago. The Cave is a habitat and the most endangered mammalian group in Europe of a blind mouse (micrchiroptera, lat.).

Novak’s cave is located on the steep cliffs of Romanija, and it was named after the old folk hero Starina Novak.

Starina Novak is a historical figure from the second half of the 16th century, originating from Smederevo. He escaped to the hajduk for the sake of ” the damned Jerina “, he was wandering throughout Serbia and Herzegovina, but he stayed the longest on Romanija and rarely left a deep trace in the people. The cave is at an altitude of 1515 m. The path to the cave is marked and reinforced with cable, because it is quite steep and difficult.

The Ledenjača Cave is located at the source of Mokranjska Miljacka. Ice in this cave is often kept over the summer, so in the hottest summer months in Glacier you can feel like in the middle of winter.

Lipovac Cave, in the Miljacka basin, is still underdeveloped, but it is also interesting for visitors, especially those looking for attractive photos.

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